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2016 Trophy Winners 13-18

Trophy Winners

U13 White – Coaches Award - Sam Henning Goal Kicker –Zac Phair 8 Goals, Tom Griffiths 8 Goals Players Player – Tom Roberts Most Improved Player - Tom Battaglia

U13 Blue – Coaches Award - Henry Johnstone Goal Kicker Isaac Melville 3 Goals, Jack Duffy 3 Goals, Max Baldock 3 Goals Best Team Player – Isaac Nugent

U14 – Coaches -Elliot Salter Goal Kicker Neo Butler 12 Goals– Players Player – Harry Jones Rising Star - Harry Black

U16 White Coaches -Will Golding Goal Kicker –Tristan Lynch 11 Goals

U16 Blue Coaches -–Nick Smart Goal Kicker – Max Neu 14 Goals

U16 Most consistent: BlueWill Stadler WhiteWill Jackson

U16 White – Best In finals - Angus Bird


Leading Goal Kicker: - Sean Lowrie 15 Goals;

Player’s Choice: - Huw Graham;
Pivot Club Most Potential: - Rainjan Blakers;
TUFC Supporters Most Improved: - Nick Fader;
SBLJFC Encouragement: - Ben Joseph;
Coach's Outstanding Leadership: - Reuben Witte;
Most Courageous: - Lachie Allen.
Hobart City Demons TSL pathway award - Rainjan Blakers

U13 Nick Riewoldt B & F –

White - Zac Phair

Runner Up – White Tom Roberts
Blue Harry Jones and Jack Duffy and Blue Runner Up na
U14Nick Riewoldt B & F

- Axel Moore

Runner Up –Daniel Mackintosh
Ian Anderson - Donna Sookee

U16Nick Riewoldt B & F –

Blue Reuben Miller

Runner Up – Blue Henry Luders
White Tasman Hughes & Hamish Wakefield and White Runner Up na
Ian Anderson Callum Ingram

U18 Nick Riewoldt - Reuben Witte Runner Up Ben Graham Ian Anderson - Bill Trethewie